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Motor Vehicle Violations

What are motor vehicle violations?

A summary offense is any minor crime, initially heard and decided by a district justice. Many violations of the Motor Vehicle Code, such as speeding, illegal parking and going through a red light, are summary offenses. However, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not a summary offense, it is a misdemeanor, which is a more serious crime.

What happens if I received a citation?

A citation contains a brief statement of the facts of the incident, how the law was violated, and a specific statement of the section of the law that is supposed to have been violated. It also contains instructions on what must be done to respond to the citation.

Most summary crimes are enforced by a cita- tion issued by a police officer to the person who is charged with committing the offense. Normally, the citation is handed to the person charged by a police officer who has observed the incident. If no officer was present, or if, for any valid reason, the officer decides not to issue the citation at the scene, a citation/summons may be sent by mail.

In certain circumstances, a police officer may arrest someone, take him/her into custody and then before a magisterial district judge. In that case, a hearing can be requested. The hearing may be held immediately or at a later time, for which the magiste- rial district judge may require security to guarantee that person’s appearance. A citation will still be prepared and given to that person.

The information on my citation is wrong, what does this mean?

If the incorrect information is minor, such as a misspelled name, the wrong color or model year of a car, the mistakes will probably not invalidate the citation. If, however, the mistakes are major, such as listing the wrong section of the law claimed to have been violated, then the citation may be invalid if prejudice can be shown.

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