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What is a pardon?

A pardon is an act by the Governor of Pennsylvania that erases a conviction from your criminal record. In Pennsylvania, a pardon is generally the only way that convictions can be eliminated; convictions cannot be expunged by a court.

I was convicted of a crime, why should I try to get it pardoned?

Even if you were convicted of a crime it is worthwhile to try for a pardon. If you succeed you will no longer have a criminal record that stands in the way of getting a job, an apartment and other things you might need. There are no standards for when a pardon will be given, but the majority of people who receive a pardons often were charged with crimes such as shoplifting or disorderly conduct.

How do I get a pardon?

Certain records may be expunged through a basic legal proceeding. But convictions cannot be expunged. A conviction means you were found guilty of or plead guilty to a crime and the only way to clear a conviction from your criminal record is by receiving a pardon.

Having a properly prepared petition for clemency and being thoroughly prepared for what to expect in the public hearing before the Board of Pardons is of vital importance for the pardons process, contact the experienced Attorney McInroy today for help understanding and starting the process.

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